Areas of PracticeDispute resolution

We provide legal advice and representation in litigation to companies and individuals in both civil and commercial proceedings. We deliver preventive legal advice to avoid or simplify legal procedures and achieve favorable outcomes in the interest of our Clients

Our advice ranges from: the evaluation of the specific risks of the Client´s position; the definition of strategies in the litigation phase; the proposal of negotiation scenarios and alternatives; the availability of the evidence necessary for possible future litigation proceedings; and the approach and defense in all instances and types of judicial proceedings before the Courts of First Instance and Mercantile Courts, including national and international arbitration, until enforcement of the final judgement is obtained.

We work in close collaboration with the firm’s other practice areas (in particular, the commercial, bankruptcy, corporate crime, real estate and tax departments) and have experience in a broad range of sectors. We are renowned for being an experienced team that avoids unnecessary litigation and delivers high-quality service and alternative strategies that bring added-value to every challenge we face.


  • Commercial: including corporate conflicts, disputes over the interpretation, validity and enforcement of commercial contracts, the liability of directors, the challenge of corporate agreements, unfair competition, etc.
  • Civil: including civil liability in general, professional liability (lawyers, attorneys, tax consultants, managers, auditors, etc.), liability for damages and products, disputes regarding civil and commercial contracts, payment claims, recognition and implementation of foreign judgements, etc. We also advise on family procedures, mainly in disputes over assets and inheritance
  • Intellectual Property: including defense in litigation over brands, patents and designs, as well as disputes over ownership or intellectual property rights and violations of honor, intimacy and image rights
  • Real Estate and Construction: including defense in litigation arising from leases, property rights, construction contacts, horizontal property, construction defects, etc.
  • Commerce and Consumption: including defense of publicity and agency contracts, as well as distribution, concession and franchise contracts
  • National and International Arbitration: including representation in complex matters, especially commercial proceedings
  • Contentious administrative proceedings: the public, administrative and planning team advises on contentious administrative proceedings and has proven experience in the legal defense of such proceedings before all judicial bodies and in all areas of administrative law and procedures of the defense of fundamental rights