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The prestigious legal directory highlights 50 of the firm’s professionals, with 87 individual mentions in the different practice areas. The firm has also been recognised twice as Lawyer of the year, for Ignasi Costas in the Investment Funds area and Jorge Sarró in Tax Law

The US directory Best Lawyers in Spain© has recently published the results of their 2021 guide, in which the best lawyers in each practice area are chosen through a cross-voting system among professionals of the legal sector and a subsequent assessment by the directory.

In the guide’s new edition, DWF-RCD has been able to maintain its growth corresponding to the number of recognised professionals, as well as the amount of mentions. Specifically, 50 of the firm’s professionals have been highlighted by the guide, with 87 individual mentions. These results mean an increase of 10 mentions on last year’s guide.

Furthermore, Ignasi Costas, co-managing partner of the firm and head of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship area, has been recognised as Lawyer of the year in the Investment Funds practise, and Jorge Sarró, head of the Tax area, in Tax Law.

These results strengthen DWF-RCD and the team’s position among the most recognised in the legal sector and place the firm’s practices as a benchmark in the legal sector.

The following is a list of the recognised professionals and mentions received:

  • Adolf Rousaud – Corporate and M&A Law, Family Law, Real Estate Law
  • Ignasi Costas – Biotechnology and Life Sciences Practice, Corporate and M&A Law, FinTech Practice, Information Technology Law, Intellectual Property Law, Investment Funds (Lawyer of the Year), Private Equity Law, Venture Capital Law, Privacy & Data Protection Law
  • Diego Artacho – Tax Law, Criminal Defense, Litigation
  • Ramón Martínez – Economist
  • Javier Olmos – Natural Resources Law, Energy Law, Corporate and M&A Law
  • Iñigo Montesino-Espartero – Corporate and M&A Law, Private Equity Law, Real Estate Law, Venture Capital Law
  • Jorge Sarró – Tax Law (Lawyer of the Year)
  • Jordi Albiol – Banking and Finance Law, Insolvency and Reorganization Law
  • Eduardo Nebot – Communications Law, Information Technology Law
  • Carles Ros – Corporate and M&A Law, FinTech Practice, Venture Capital Law
  • Oscar Alegre – Health Care Law, Technology Law, Venture Capital Law
  • Jonathan Gil – Labor and Employment Law
  • Ignacio Benejam – Litigation
  • Jordi Sánchez – Arbitration and Mediation, Litigation
  • Iñaki Silva –Tax Law
  • Eva Giménez – Planning, Environmental Law, Administrative Law, Land Use and Zoning Law
  • Ruth Duque – Insurance Law
  • Juan Rodríguez-Loras – Probates and Estates
  • F. Javier Triviño – Tax Law, Litigation
  • Iñaki Frías – Family Law, FinTech Practice
  • Cristina Samaranch – Labor and Employment Law, Employee Benefits Law
  • David Villa – Private Equity Law, FinTech Practice, Venture Capital Law
  • Carlos Hernández Rivera – Administrative Law
  • Lucas Espada – Probates and Estates
  • Judith Saladrigas – Corporate and M&A Law
  • Alfonso Maristany – Litigation, Family Law and Mediation
  • Manel Pérez – Tax Law
  • Carlos Nogareda – Insurance Law
  • Federico Belausteguigoitia – Corporate and M&A Law
  • Felipe Cabredo – Arbitration and Mediation
  • Cristina Gómez Nebrera – Administrative Law, Planning
  • Gerard Pérez Olmo – Competition / Antitrust Law
  • Leire Elorza – Real Estate Law
  • Alberto Ouro – Biotechnology and Life Sciences Practice
  • Lluís Pons Mir – Administrative Law, Planning
  • Cristian Valcárcel – Insolvency and Reorganization Law
  • Bernard Afonso – Insolvency and Reorganization Law
  • Xavier Fàbrega – Intellectual Property Law, Litigation
  • Javier Calzada – Corporate and M&A Law
  • Enric Acero – Planning
  • Borja Vives – Criminal Defense
  • Iratxe Lezámiz – Corporate and M&A Law, Structured Finance Law
  • Mariana Ladaga – Corporate Governance & Compliance Practice
  • Josu Ibarzabal –Technology Law
  • Ricardo Pla – Banking and Finance Law
  • Tomàs Nart – Insolvency and Reorganization Law
  • Robyn Gutiérrez – International Arbitration
  • Ana Belén Jurado – Technology Law
  • Marina Ramos – Administrative Law
  • Olga Cornejo – Labor and Employment Law