Areas of PracticeFamily Business

Our Family Business Department boasts a group of professionals with experience in practice areas directly affecting family businesses, including commercial, corporate, tax, labor, and civil law

We have developed a strong track record advising family businesses and enterprising families as a result of our firm’s trajectory and the geographic areas where we have operated. RCD provides its clients with advice not only on economic and business aspects, but also on the organization and legal management of various owners, including families and their corporations, as well as on matters relating to inheritance law.

Specifically, the firm provides family businesses with legal support in the following aspects:

  • Negotiating and implementing family business protocols, shareholders’ agreements, and bylaws

  • Governing bodies (family council): structuring, allocating tasks and responsibilities, and providing frequent legal advice

  • Family tax planning: designing structures, hereditary property and wills, agreements as to succession, inheritance, family risk detachment, family savings, and other matters relating to family business successions

  • Corporate restructuring of companies or family groups

  • Remuneration policies and dividends

  • Valuation and share trading systems

  • Standards of good governance

  • Marriage articles