Areas of PracticeCorporate Crime and Compliance Crime Law

RCD's Corporate Crime and Compliance Crime Law department is headed by a highly qualified team, made up of inspectors on leave of absence from Spain’s Senior Corps of State Tax Inspectors. Having developed their careers in the upper ranks of public service, they are widely recognized for both their technical knowledge and their experience

The department includes the following areas:


Legal assistance to defendants and prosecutors in crimes involving:

  • Fraud and white-collar crimes
  • Workers’ rights
  • Document forgery
  • Crimes against the public administration and against the administration of justice, among others

  • We are highly specialized in managing the defense of lawsuits where natural and legal persons have been charged with alleged crimes against the public treasury and/or against social security.


    We provide the special knowledge and experience of the technical experts that make up our department, and we specialize in issuing expert opinions for cases related to complex white-collar crimes, which involves carrying out exhaustive research which is crucial in order to establish the facts.


    Support in the implementation of prevention and regulatory control systems:

    • Consultancy and anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism service

    • Designing personalized anti-money laundering programs and manuals, including staff training and audits by official external experts and experts on crime law

    • Legal aid and assistance during inspections carried out by the SEPBLAC (Executive Service of the Commission for the Prevention of Money Laundering and Monetary Offenses) and in the administrative or judicial proceedings that may arise

    • Designing and providing advice on criminal risk prevention programs for corporate compliance (corporate compliance), and training support and customer assistance so that your company finds legal backing in the event of a possible criminal charge