Areas of PracticeReal Estate and Construction

Our Real Estate and Construction Law department has professionals with a wealth of experience providing comprehensive advice to developers, builders, and other players in the Spanish real estate market

The team is truly multidisciplinary, consisting of expert real estate lawyers and other professionals from various fields of law that also possess sector-specific knowledge and an understanding of building practices. They come together to ensure clients receive a comprehensive service that covers, among others, the urban planning, tax, finance, bankruptcy, corporate, and commercial sides.

The department provides advice to individuals and other parties involved in the funding, development, or building process: investment funds, large development groups, builders, and financial institutions.

our services

Our firm provides legal support services throughout the various stages of real estate and building processes, which include:

  • Providing advice on structures and on how to fund real estate projects and investments, including: structuring real estate investments and disinvestment, funding real estate projects, and creating and managing real estate investment funds and companies. Analyzing and bringing assets into compliance: carrying out due diligence on real estate assets and companies, real estate portfolio optimization (bringing licenses, partitions, consolidations, and the registered area of a property into compliance, among others) and setting up systems for simple condominium properties and building complexes. Procurement: providing advice on asset purchase transactions (land, homes, premises, hotels, shopping malls, etc.) and real estate companies, as well as for preparatory actions (purchase options, undertakings, purchase deposits, purchases or sales, accord and satisfaction, handovers, among others), creating and terminating rights in rem, third-party development, negotiating building contracts, project management and others related to third-party development, office-building or hotel management contracts, as well as a lease and leaseback. Real estate development and building

  • Providing advice on anything related to real estate investment funds, managing real estate asset portfolios, etc.

  • Establishing and providing legal advice to Real Estate Investment Trusts (SOCIMIS)

  • Providing advice for drafting and processing legal planning instruments, as well as for licensing and changing property use

  • Defending clients at any stage of the urban planning process (both the administration and litigation stages), and during government financial liability processes. Taking part and providing advice on the activities of collaborative urban-planning bodies

  • Providing advice regarding hotel management