Areas of PracticePublic, Administrative and Urban Planning Law

The Department of Public, Administrative and Planning has a strong reputation in advising public administrations at all levels and in the interpretation and application of administrative law

The department is made up of professionals with proven experience in both the public and private sector. Our professionals collaborate with other practice areas within the firm - experts in matters directly related to this activity (energy, tax, etc.).

The range of clients department serves is very broad and covers government, both local and regional, public institutions and organizations, universities and research centers, hospitals, public law corporations, financial institutions, public companies, funds and individuals.


  • Planning: RCD advises owners, developers, builders and governments in all types of urban processes, intervening in all kinds of operations from: the preparation and processing of general planning instruments and derivatives; writing instruments of urban management (land subdivision projects); advising on the performance of urban entities; advising on licensing records in all types of soil type and intervening in procedures to protect the urban and disciplinary law, as well as the preparation and processing of planning agreements
  • Procurement: The firm has a proven track record in matters relating to procurement, where it advises both contracting authorities and bidders throughout the contractual process until the award, acting, when appropriate, before the Courts of public industry contracts
  • Administrative procedures: The firm has extensive experience in defending the interests of clients in all phases of the administrative procedure, drafting claims and administrative resources by formulating and advising on conventional completion thereof
  • Contentious administrative proceedings: RCD has proven experience in the legal defense of contentious administrative proceedings before all judicial bodies and in all areas of administrative law and procedures of the defense of fundamental rights
  • Environment: RCD’s experience in environmental law covers all materials with an environmental impact (water, energy, waste, contaminated soils, air protection, noise, safety, gravel) and the drafting of reports and opinions, participation in environmental impact assessments and processing of permits and environmental licenses
  • Public subsidies: RCD advises public entities, applicants and beneficiaries of public subsidies in the whole procedure of the activity of building the administration; advising on procedures for reimbursing subsidies
  • Administrative organization: The firm specializes in the regulation of public sector entities, including its organic law, and actively participated in the development of numerous preliminary studies and the drafting of laws and regulations in these areas. RCD has participated in the process of creating instrumental bodies: corporations, associations, foundations and mixed societies
  • Compulsory purchase: RCD advises public and private entities in participation in the expropriation Jury. It also provides services in expropriation proceedings by operation of law and reversal records
  • Asset Management Responsibility: RCD offers legal advice to both public and private entities in administrative compensation claims
  • Assets and services: RCD offers its support to both governments and private individuals on public assets and services and advising public bodies in their relations with dealers and public service management companies in all phases of public tenders, contract drafting, and management and monitoring of the implementation