Areas of PracticeBankruptcy Law

The firm offers comprehensive advice on legal, economic, and financial matters through a specialized bankruptcy department

Our team is made up of 15 professionals, consisting of lawyers and economists, who provide comprehensive advice to parties affected by bankruptcy, whether these are the bankrupt company or the creditors.

our services

  • Pre-bankruptcy and bankruptcy advice (application of bankruptcy claims). Pre-bankruptcy and meeting of
  • Debt refinancing and restructuring processes. Refinancing agreements.
  • Providing advice on acquiring and selling production units.
  • Bankruptcy administration.
  • Second Chance Act’s implementation. Liabilities forgiveness.
  • Preparing agreements with creditors.
  • Challenge and recognition of credits.
  • Defending the rights of creditors.
  • Administrators’ liability/The liability section in bankruptcy proceedings.
  • Due diligence regarding portfolios of NPLs and subsequent management of these funds once acquired
    by investment funds.
  • Providing advice during the liquidation phase.
  • Recognition and enforcement of judgments in foreign bankruptcy proceedings.
  • Recognition and enforcement of foreign loans and guarantees in Spanish bankruptcy proceedings.


We act as bankruptcy administrators in several proceedings in different judicial districts, many of which are particularly important. Our bankruptcy department operates as bankruptcy administrators under the name RCD CONCURSAL SLP. This company is approved by the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV) for designation as Bankruptcy Administrator in procedures for listed companies.

Thanks to the experience acquired in their capacity as bankruptcy administrators in insolvency proceedings, since the entry into force of Law 16/2022, of September 5, reforming the consolidated text of the Insolvency Act, the bankruptcy team has already been proposed and appointed by commercial judges as experts for the new pre-bankruptcy figure and mechanism of Restructuring Plans, assisting the debtor in their negotiations with creditors and in the drafting of the Plan.