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DWF-RCD Statement on the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

DWF-RCD news

The situation generated by the Coronavirus outbreak is causing changes in the dynamics of people and companies, and feeling of uncertainty in the face of the unpredictability of how events will unfold. We are facing an exceptional moment, but in which we remain fully committed to our professionals and clients

Therefore, from the office we have strived to reduce the impact of the current situation and our main mission remains to ensure the well-being of our professionals and, of course, continue to provide service to our clients.
We have a dedicated team to monitor the latest events and advice from health authorities and apply the appropriate measures. In this sense, and after the measures that we have applied internally, we confirm that we continue operating with the normality that the situation allows, and that we have the necessary tools and telematic means to be able to provide our services.
Furthermore, given the exceptional measures taken by government authorities in recent days, we want to inform you that our team is redoubling efforts to give you an agile response to all the questions or doubts you may have and we will work together in a coordinated manner with the different areas. Please do not hesistate to conact us regarding these questions. You can contact us via phone or email, as well as via meetings with our team through videoconferencing systems.

We also wanted to inform you that we have dedicated a space on our website, in which we are sharing the information notices (DWF-RCD Alerts) that our teams are updating as per the current main news channels regarding the coronavirus and what may directly affect you. This page will be updated as new DWF-RCD Alerts are developed.

Finally, we would like to point out that, in addition to your regular contacts, please also note the general contact e-mail: info@dwf-rcd.law to address any concerns you may have during these days.

Thank you for your confidence.