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Rousaud Costas Duran renews its corporate identity under the brand RCD

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The firm, which celebrates its 15th anniversary this year, is renewing its corporate identity, reflecting its creative spirit and permanent commitment to innovation. RCD consolidates itself as one of the leading firms in the country with the addition of four new partners and revenue nearing 30 million euros in 2017 - a 16% increase compared to the previous year

Rousaud Costas Duran is marking the commemoration of its 15th anniversary by renewing its corporate identity. From now on, the firm will be referred to as RCD, and features a new, up-to-date and transparent logo and corporate image in line with the values that have been the defining traits of the firm since its creation. The new brand conforms with the firm’s strategic plan to support growth, innovation and expansion, as well as to attract and retain the best talent, which have been hallmarks of the firm’s identity during its 15 years in operation. The firm has also changed its main web domain online, which becomes www.rcd.legal, making use of the new extension to designate the legal sector while showing once again its disruptive character.

New brand, same values
RCD was created in 2003 as an independent, dynamic and innovative law firm, committed to becoming a reference in comprehensive legal advice. These values have characterized the firm throughout its lifespan. The unveiling of its new brand reflects the firm’s commitment to constant renewal as well as its creative and innovative spirit, reaffirming its resolution to grow and expand.

In the words of founding partner Ignasi Costas, “RCD was created with a transparent, ethical, close, direct and long-term vision of law. We are people-oriented to our clients and to the professionals within our organization. 15 years after our creation, we find ourselves to be at a key moment for the firm. We are ambitious and we still have the same energy as we did when we began, as well as many strategic projects underway”.

Constant growth
In just 15 years, RCD has become one of the leading firms in the Spanish legal market, with offices in Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia, and a team of over 300 professionals led by 37 partners. The firm closed 2017 with a revenue of 29,67 million euros, resulting in a 16% increase compared to the previous year. These figures consolidate the high growth rates of the firm, which has registered one of the best evolutions of the legal sector in Spain since its foundation in 2003. The firm billed a total of 25.5 million euros in 2016, 24% more than in 2015, which was marked by the same percentage growth with respect to 2014.

Adolf Rousaud, managing partner of RCD, says “The results are very positive and they encourage us to maintain the philosophy of our firm: independence, dynamism and innovation". Likewise, Rousaud affirms that the goal for 2018 is to consolidate among the main Spanish law firms, offering a differential service to clients: "We are not just another multidisciplinary firm. We are known for providing a highly specialized service from each of our practice areas, combining the advantages of a large firm with the close care, market understanding and specialization of a boutique firm. In addition to the excellent results of last year, the first quarter of 2018 has also had the best figures in our history".

Committed to talent and meritocracy
Likewise, and in line with the firm’s policy of meritocracy, the firm has appointed new partners: Judith Saladrigas (Innovation and Entrepreneurship), Alfonso Maristany (Litigation and Arbitration), Manel Pérez (Tax) and Carlos Nogareda (Corporate and Finance). "When a partner is appointed by internal promotion it is one of the moments that, both for me, as the partner responsible for HR, and for the rest of the members, bring us great joy and satisfaction. We find it especially gratifying that our own professionals, who have developed most of their career in the firm and have consolidated experience and, of course, excellent integrity, have become partners”, says Ignasi Costas.