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RCD advises ELIX in the creation of an investment vehicle for the residential sector

US-based KKR, Spain-based Altamar Capital Partners and other domestic and international investors to join the investment vehicle, expected to manage over €200 milllion

RCD - Rousaud Costas Duran has advised ELIX on a transaction to create a company to manage an investment vehicle in the real estate sector. The new company, named ELIX Vintage Residential Socimi SA, is expected to manage over €200 million. The agreement will allow ELIX Vintage Residential Socimi SA to invest in Spanish residential real estate stock. To do so, in addition to the funds provided by the investors, the new company will benefit from ELIX’s expertise and market knowledge of property renting, renovation and investment.

Investment funds such as KKR, Altamar Capital Partners and Deutsche Finance Group took part in the transaction, as well as other domestic and international investors. RCD’s Corporate and Commercial and Tax departments have advised ELIX on the formation of the new company, as well as on the investment agreement between the parties involved in the transaction.

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