RCD in the media

RCD is the firm rated highest by startups

The firm leads the highly-regarded El Referente ranking for startup advisors. RCD topped the first edition of this ranking in 2017

El Referente, a website specializing in the startup ecosystem, has released the results for the latest edition of its ranking covering startup-specialized law firms. The list, which analyzes a total of 25 domestic and international firms operating in the Spanish market, places RCD as the firm rated highest by entrepreneurs—the same place it won in the first edition of this ranking two years ago. El Referente draws up this list using the votes cast by a variety of startups, which rate the firms that best meet their needs.

The website highlighted how specialized RCD truly is, with the firm significantly ahead of the pack and which also widened the gap between its competitors compared with the first edition of the ranking. These results show how El Referente has once again emphasized the services provided by RCD as a strategic partner for startups, along with the firm’s track record and specialization.

The firm provides comprehensive advice to startups and entrepreneurs throughout the entire lifecycle of their projects. With the help of Ignasi Costas, in 2003 RCD became a pioneer by creating the first legal practice area in Spain fully focused on innovative and entrepreneurial projects. Today, the firm is the leading advisor for innovative startups and initiatives, with over 1000 projects advised and a team of over 50 professionals fully dedicated to the practice area.

Apart from being recognized by this ranking, RCD has racked up other recognitions as well: RCD was one of only five Spanish firms featured in Financial Times’ FT – Innovative Lawyers ranking for firms with high innovation potential, or more recently, RCD was named the most active venture capital advisor for 2018 and the first quarter of 2019.

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